Rich here,

When I grew up in New Jersey, summer didn’t really start until June 25th, the day we got out of school. It was weird to me when I moved to Colorado and school ended in May and started in August, but people also used the word “pop” to describe soda, so I figured it was a wacky cultural thing.

These days I live in Arizona. Today is June 5 and the temperature should hit 110F. Yesterday it was over 90F by the time I finished breakfast.

This. Is. Wrong.

I think summer for us started somewhere around the end of January. We have since moved on to a fifth season I fondly call “Ohforfu**’ssakeum”. It isn’t in the books but I am working up a Wikipedia entry.

Summer for my children will be very different than I what I grew up with. There’s no simple wandering around the neighborhood looking for your friends, because within a block their shoes will melt and adhere them to the middle of the street, only to be run over by an Amazon delivery truck or one of the 950 landscapers patrolling the area. They’ll get plenty of time at the pool but we need to keep a close eye on them and make sure they jump out every now and then to cool off in the air-conditioned bathroom.

Arizona isn’t all bad. For most of the year the weather is about as perfect as you could want. Plus you save a lot on winter clothes. On the downside I miss sweatshirts, and the nearly 20 years I spent cultivating a fleece-based fashion identity is totally wasted.

We will be spending a lot of time outside the state this summer. A trip to the Irish festival in Lawler, Iowa (no, I’m not kidding). Then the month of July in Boulder. Then Black Hat and DEF CON for me, and kindergarten for my oldest a week after I get back.

But I’m sad for my kids. Summers growing up in Jersey could get pretty hot and muggy, but you could still wander around the neighborhood looking for other kids without having to refill your Camelback 8 times. Then again, rumor is no one lets their kids wander around and experience life any more, so I suppose it won’t make much difference that mine will do the same overly-structured activities as everyone else, but with better air conditioning.

But if you make it up to the Irish fest, let me know, and vote for my kids in the Little Lass and Laddie contest.

On to the Summary:

A quick note: Our posting volume is down to balance some pretty insane demand for our services against family summer time. Don’t worry, we have cool things in store for you coming up. Besides, we still write more than pretty much anyone else who doesn’t get paid by page views.

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