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Two weeks ago Rich sketched out some changes to our Friday Summary, including how the content will change. But we haven’t spelled out our reasons. Our motivation is simple. In a decade, over half your systems will be in some cloud somewhere. The Summary will still be about security, but we’ll focus on security for cloud services, cloud applications, and how DevOps techniques intertwine with each. Rather than rehash on-premise security issues we have covered (ad nauseum) for 9 years, we believe it’s far more helpful to IT and security folks to discuss what is on the near horizon which they are not already familiar with. We can say with certainty that most of what you’ve learned about “the right way to do things” in security will be challenged by cloud deployments, so we are tuning the Summary to increase understanding the changes in store, and what to do about them. Trends, features, tools, and even some code. We know it’s not for everybody, but if you’re seriously interested, you can subscribe directly to the Friday Summary.

The RSA conference is next week, so don’t forget to get a copy of Securosis’s Guide to the RSA Conference. But be warned; Mike’s been at the meme generator again, and some things you just can’t unsee. Oh, and if you’re interested in attending the Eighth Annual Securosis Disaster Recovery Breakfast at RSA, please RSVP. That way we know how much bacon to order. Or Bloody Marys to make. Something like that.

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This is a new section highlighting a cloud, DevOps, or security tool we think you should take a look at. We still struggle to keep track of all the interesting tools that can help us, so if you have submissions please email them to

Alerts literally drive DevOps. One may fire off a cloud-based service, or it might indicate a failure a human needs to look at. When putting together a continuous integration pipeline, or processing cloud services, how do you communicate status? SMS and email are the common output formats, and developer tools like Slack or bug tracking systems tend to be the endpoints, but it’s hard to manage and integrate the streams of automated outputs. And once you get one message of a particular event type, you usually don’t want to see that event again for a while. You can create a simple web console, or use AWS to stream to specified recipients, but that’s all manual setup. Things like Slack can help with individuals, team, and third parties, but managing them is frankly a pain in the ass. As you scale up cloud and DevOps processes it’s easy to get overwhelmed. One of the tools I was looking at this week was (x)matters, which provides an integration and management hub for automated messages. It can understand messages from multiple sources and offers aggregation to avoid over-pinging users. I have not seen many products addressing this problem, so I wanted to pass it along.

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