SunSec last night was a roaring success- although my liver crawled under a small table and refuses to come out.

We had 15+ people show up from all over the area. The Phoenix OWASP decided to crash the party and everyone had a heck of a good time (most people drank a tad more moderately than myself). I was finally dragged away from hanging out even longer with the ts/sci guys who just posted a full after action report. Devious little fellows, they shoved drinks in my hand until I invited them onto the Network Security Podcast (sorry Martin).

We’ll definitely be doing this on a monthly basis. I’m also looking at starting an informal email list to keep people in the area connected (unless there’s another one floating around already). If you’re interested, drop me an email at

Thanks everyone for making it a successful event.

Dammit! The liver is under the couch now, I’ll never get it out of there….


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