We’ve got people flying in from other states and I’m even getting a haircut!

Tonight at 6pm at Furio in Scottsdale we’re reviving that most noble of institutions- security geeks hanging out, drinking, and lying about their l33t skilz.

CitySec meetups are informal gatherings of anyone interested in security. We hang out, drink, and talk amongst ourselves. No presentations, no speakers; just a chance for local people to connect.

You don’t need to be a full-time security geek to show up (that means you Tom, don’t make me taunt you).

Happy Hour runs until 7 and that’s when they serve the normal food (gets a little Scottsdale-snobby after that). Drinks run all night, and the first round is on Securosis.

Cya there, and email or IM me if you want my cell number in case you get lost…