As you may have noticed, I haven’t been blogging much the past month or so. 2013 has been an… interesting… year, filled with personal and professional highs and lows. Our third child was born, and we were back in the thick of things with 3 kids aged four and under. Don’t even get me stared on the near nonstop string of minor illnesses. There’s nothing like stomach flu twice in a month. Once on a travel day – thus the last month of minimal blogging.

On the other hand my son took his first steps just shy of 7 months old, I had one of my best business years yet (yep, Securosis grew once again), and experienced a career highlight by presenting my first technical Black Hat session on 90 minutes notice (including a technical demo). Work-wise I am having more fun than I have in many years – largely due to spending more time hands-on with programming and the cloud. This is the kind of defensive technical security research I have always wanted to drive forward. And the bonus? My daughters love super heroes, robots, and science (plus princesses and the color pink – I’m not trying to turn them into boys or anything).

All this is possible because of you reading the site. Every day thousands of you read our content (or point your bots at us), and a fair few hire us to help you with research and analysis. We aren’t a billion-dollar company with a big name – just a couple handfuls of full and part time security obsessives who get the opportunity to do what we love, and enjoy an amazing lifestyle with our families in the process.

We never, not for an instant, forget who we serve and who makes this all possible. We only hope we meet our end of the bargain by providing you something useful.

We have a lot of new things lined up for 2014. The nature of our work is pulling us in new and exciting directions, and we try to adapt every year to the ever-changing landscape of social media and online tools we use to engage and deliver content. Some of it works and some doesn’t – that’s life.

As 2013 comes to a close, I just wanted to personally thank you all.

(You know, with a heartfelt generic blog post.)

And I would like to also thank our contributors… some of whom get paid, and others who keep us on our toes with their insights. Mort, Pepper, Gattaca, Myrcurial, Gunnar, and Gal. Plus Mike and Adrian – the best two partners I could ask for. Or not ask for – they actually sort of just showed up, uninvited.