Over 15 years ago (pre-Blip) I wanted to do something fun and casual for friends and Securosis readers at the annual RSA Conference… that I, as a budding entrepreneur, could actually afford. I started calling around and found a little place called Jillian’s right near the conference willing to open up early and serve breakfast for a reasonable rate. We ended up with around 50 people dropping in and out over those few hours, just mostly sitting around a table talking about whatever.

Little did I know that our Disaster Recovery Breakfast would outlast Jillian’s, and, it seems, downtown San Francisco? I also never thought it would peak out at one point at around 300 people and inspire dozens of copycats. But one thing never changed — the casual atmosphere, the chance to talk without having to scream into someone’s ear, and the great conversations fueled by coffee (and the occasional Irish coffee).

Once again, we’re back! Like last year we are hosting at the Pink Elephant which is just a few minutes walk and totally worth it if you want breakfast burritos or an omelette. This year we have two of our long-standing partners helping us out, plus a new (old) face. Here are the details:

The 14th Annual Securosis Disaster Recovery Breakfast

Thursday, May 9, 8-11 AM

Pink Elephant

142 Minna St

San Francisco, CA 94105

Come meet IANS Faculty and leadership, the LaunchTech team, members from the Vulnerable U community, the illustrious founder of Securosis (that’s me, duh), and whoever walks in the door for casual, no-marketing conversations. Drop in and out as you like, and you can even grab a coffee to go! RSVP at rsvp@securosis.com is appreciated but not required; feel free to just show up, but if you don’t RSVP we might run out of bacon.