We have to admit, this year’s Securosis Guide to RSA is a little over the top.

A lot over the top.

You know how sometimes you start something, and then you start amusing yourself, and things go just a little too far? This is like that, except we loaded it with a ton of useful information… and no alcohol was involved.

That includes key themes, breakdowns of trends and vendors by major coverage areas, and a version of the show floor vendor list with websites so you can look them up later. We hope you find it useful. From the introduction:

Over the 15+ years we’ve been going to the show, it has gotten bigger and harder to navigate as the security industry has grown bigger and harder to navigate. This guide should give you a good idea of what to expect at the show – laying out what we expect to be key themes of the show, diving into the major technology areas we cover, and letting you know where to find us.

Like last year, we have done our best to break out vendors by tech areas, and added a more comprehensive vendor list including web addresses, so you track down your favorite vendors after the show, since they probably won’t be hammering your phone 10 minutes after you get back to the office. We’d also like to thank all our Contributing Analysts – David Mortman, Gunnar Peterson, Dave Lewis, and James Arlen – for helping keep us honest and contributing and reviewing content. And we definitely need to acknowledge Chris Pepper, our stalwart editor and Defender of Grammar.

Enjoy the show. We look forward to seeing you in San Francisco.

Rich, Mike and Adrian

The 2013 Securosis Guide to RSA (PDF)