Another day, another breach – that’s not novel. A bunch of personal information (including driver’s license numbers) was stolen from Virginia Tech. But having the organization own up to the fact that the breach resulted from a human error is uncommon.

Of the 144,963 individuals affected, only 16,642 provided their driver’s license numbers. According to school officials, the breach was a result of “human error” involving compliance protocols when dealing with the personal data. A forensic investigation into the issue revealed that the information was “partly” accessed through a Virginia Tech server in Italy.

“The issue here is that someone on our staff goofed,” Larry Hincker, associate vice president for University Relations, said.

Kudos to these folks for not blaming a super-sophisticated attack or the APT or any other way to skirt responsibility. They screwed up and lost data. It is also a reminder about the downside of poor security and IT operations.

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