Hey everyone,

As you know, we try to make our research process as open and transparent as possible. We know any research that ends up with a vendor logo on it somewhere is viewed with justified skepticism, so our goal is to combat that perception of bias with radical transparency.

For the past 6 years or so, since I started the company, we have handled that with blog comments, and by requiring even vendors who license the content to submit feedback via the site. That has worked well but the world keeps evolving beyond blogs.

As an experiment I just posted my latest draft paper on GitHub. You can view the Executive Guide to Pragmatic Network Security Management on GitHub. It helps that we write all our papers in Markdown, and GitHub is very Markdown friendly.

I will try to use this to both collect comments and keep everyone up to date as we edit the paper. This is also a much better mechanism than blog comments for people to suggest exact changes, although that does require becoming a bit familiar with GitHub.

This is truly an experiment and I could definitely use your feedback. I will still post the paper in pieces as we normally do, but if you are up for checking it out, please give GitHub a shot.