Some days I wish I was a screenwriter. There, nothing is out of bounds. Physics? Bah. Logic? Who needs that? How cool was it that the writers of Dallas (the show, not the city) decided to take a mulligan… on an entire season? Pretty cool, I’d say.

What if we could take a mulligan on some of those decisions we made years ago? You know, like parachute pants. Or signature-based antivirus. IDS. Token-based authentication. If you could pull a Dallas, what would you build? It’s a fascinating question. And one that I’d like to investigate – with your help, of course.

Nothing but green as far as the eye can see...To be clear, this is a thought experiment. If you were just hired as the security architect for a company that had nothing, what would you implement? I’m not going to build a scenario with applications and number of locations and all that crap. Figure you work for a big company and somehow they’ve decided to start over again. You have applications and some even use the web. You have sensitive data, the kind that bad guys would love to get. You have lots of locations all over the world. And the powers that be just gave you the keys to the car. Now point it in the right direction.

So what would you do? And before you get bent around an axle, saying you need to implement a firewall and AV because the regulations say so, forget that. No compliance mandates here. You are focused on protecting the critical information in your organization. And money is no object.

What would be on your shopping list? What wouldn’t be? There are no wrong or right answers. I think it’ll be interesting to hear everyone’s opinions. I have posted some of my thoughts on Positivity, which make sense to me. That doesn’t mean they’re right.

Ready, set, discuss!

Photo credit: Green fields of wheat originally uploaded by Robert Crum