A quick announcement for those of you interested in Mobile Application Security: Our very own Gunnar Peterson is putting on a 3 day class with Ken van Wyk this coming November. The Mobile App Sec Triathlon will provide a cross-platform look at mobile application security issues, and spotlight critical areas of concern. The last two legs of the Triathlon cover specific areas of Android and iOS security that are commonly targeted by attackers. You’ll be learning from some of the best – Ken is well known for his work in secure coding, and Gunnar is one of the world’s best at Identity Management. Classes will be held at the eBay/PayPal campus in San Jose, California. Much more information is on the web site, including a picture of Gunnar with his ‘serious security’ face, so check it out. If you have specific questions or want to make sure specific topics are covered during the presentation, go ahead and email info@mobileappsectriathlon.com.