I first got to know Martin McKeay back when I started blogging. The Network Security Blog was one of the first blogs I found, and Martin and I got to know each other thanks to blogging. Eventually, we started the Security Blogger’s Meetup together. After I left Gartner, Martin invited me to join him as a guest-host on the Network Security Podcast, and it eventually turned into a permanent position. I’ve really enjoyed both podcasting, and getting to know Martin better as we moved from acquaintances to friends.

Last night was fairly monumental for the show and for Martin. We recorded episode 150, and a few hours later hit 500,000 total downloads. No, we didn’t do anything special (since we’re both too busy), but I think it’s pretty cool that some security guy with a computer and a microphone would eventually reach tens of thousands of individuals, with hundreds of hours of recordings, based on nothing more than a little internal motivation.

Congratulations Martin, and thanks for letting me participate.

Now on to the show:

This is one of those good news/bad news weeks. On the bad side, Rich messed up and now has to retake an EMT refresher course, despite almost 20 years of experience. Yes, it’s important, but boy does it hurt to lose 2 full weekends learning things you already know. On the upside, this is, as you probably noticed from the title of the post, episode 150! No, we aren’t doing a 12 hour podcast like Paul and Larry did (of PaulDotCom Security Weekly), but we do have the usual collection of interesting security stories.

Network Security Podcast, Episode 15, May 12, 2009

Time: 38:18

Show Notes