No, we didn’t hack any networks or laptops, but we absolutely dominated when it comes to podcast coverage. This was our second series of microcasts since RSA, and we really like the format. Short, to the point interviews, posted nearly as fast as we can record them.

We have 9 (yes 9) microcasts up so far, with about 2-3 more to go. A few people also promised us phone interviews which we plan on finishing as soon as possible. Here’s the list:


  1. Our pre-show special; where we talk about or plans for coverage and what we’d like to see.
  2. The first morning; our initial impressions before the main start of the show.
  3. Mike Rothman of Security Incite, hot after Chris Hoff’s virtualization presentation.
  4. Tyler Regully of nCircle on web development and the learning curve of researchers.
  5. Jeremiah Grossman from WhiteHat Security on what he’s seen and what he talked about in his session.
  6. Martin turns the tables on Jon Swartz of USA Today and the book, Zero Day Threat.
  7. Martin and I close out Black Hat (don’t worry, there’s still DefCon).
  8. Nate McFeters and Rob Carter talk with us about GIFARs and other client side fun.
  9. Raffal Marty discusses security visualization, which he coincidentally wrote a book on.
  10. I never saw Johnny Long, but Martin managed to snag an interview with him on his new hacker charity work.

Don’t worry, there’s more coming. Stay tuned to for an interview with the slightly-not-sober panel I was on (Hoff, David Mortman, Rsnake, Dave Maynor, and Larry Pesce) and some other surprises.