After two years of development, yesterday we flipped the switch and our Nexus product is officially live with our first partner, the Cloud Security Alliance. After all the stress of a nearly-failed launch (one of our security controls decided to filter the payment system) it is incredibly exciting to have this out there for paying customers. Here are some details:

  • You can access the CSA Nexus at Subscriptions are $200 annually, and it is available internationally.
  • We launched with the CSA first because the timing was better to support a number of CSA initiatives. Also, we decided to completely rework our content structure for Securosis research to better fit our target market, and that will take us a few months. The systems are otherwise identical, running on the same platform (ain’t SaaS wonderful?).
  • CSA customers gain access to existing and draft CSA research, some exclusive non-public research, and all the Securosis cloud research under development. Since we will be charging a lot more for the full Securosis library, this is a good way for cloud-only people to get discounted access to the exact same content. In other news, I’m a crappy sales guy.
  • Questions submitted to the Ask an Analyst system will be handled by Securosis and CSA experts, depending on who is best for the question at hand. That’s right, full access to Securosis analysts for only $200 (on cloud issues).
  • To support the CSA, we added a full discussion (forum) system that’s tightly integrated with the research, as well as the ability to ask the community (public) questions, not just the experts. You get to pick who you are asking when you submit a question, and our experts will watch both queues. Think of it like Quora or Stack Overflow, except you get to pick whether you want a guaranteed answer from us or responses from your peers.
  • CSA enterprise members get licenses to the system as part of their memberships.

We will have more activities and announcements over the next weeks and months, but those are the basics. We really aren’t aware of anything like this on the market that combines structured, professional research with access to both experts and peers for direct answers to your tough questions. Then again, for once, we are totally and completely biased.

I also need to thank our developers JT and Jon, and James at our hosting provider (no links because they aren’t ready to take more business right now). I think once you look at what we built, you’ll be amazed that a small company without external funding could pull this off.