Big 9. Lucky 9. Or maybe not so lucky 9, because by the time you reach our annual respite from the wackiness of the RSA Conference, you may not be feeling very lucky. But if you flip your perspective, you’ll be in the home stretch, with only one more day of the conference before you can get the hell out of SF.

We are happy to announce this year’s RSA Conference Disaster Recovery Breakfast. It’s hard to believe this is our ninth annual event. Everything seems to be in a state of flux and disruption. It’s a bit unsettling. But we’re happy to help you anchor at least for a few hours to grab some grub, drinks, and bacon.

We remain grateful that so many of our friends, clients, and colleagues enjoy a couple hours away from the monstrosity that is now the RSAC. By Thursday we’re all disasters, so it’s very nice to have a place to kick back, have some conversations at a normal decibel level, and grab a nice breakfast. Or don’t talk to anyone at all and embrace your introvert – we get that too.

With the continued support of Kulesa Faul, CHEN PR, and LaunchTech, you’ll have a great opportunity to say hello and thank them for helping support your habits. We are also very happy to welcome the CyberEdge Group as a partner. They are old friends, and we are ecstatic to have them participate.

As always the breakfast will be Thursday morning (February 16) from 8-11 at Jillian’s in the Metreon. It’s an open door – come and leave as you want. We will have food, beverages, and assorted non-prescription recovery items to ease your day. Yes, the bar will be open – Mike gets the DTs if he doesn’t have his rise and shine Guinness.

Please remember what the DR Breakfast is all about. No marketing, no spin, no t-shirts, and no flashing sunglasses – it’s just a quiet place to relax and have muddled conversations with folks you know, or maybe even go out on a limb and meet someone new. We are confident you will enjoy the DRB as much as we do.

See you there.

To help us estimate numbers, please RSVP to rsvp (at) securosis (dot) com.