I now know that $40 and a quick web search will let any doofus figure out most of my former addresses, neighbors, home values, roommates, birthday, etc.

But what’s really out there on me? Like any egotistical analyst I run the occasional masturbatory Google search on myself, but I suspect there’s far more out there than I realize. I also think there’s value in seeing what a total stranger can find on me. Thus we officially open the Securosis “Invade My Privacy Challenge”. Here are the rules:

  1. Use any legal Internet tool at your disposal to dig up whatever dirt you can find. No pretexting or other illegal activities!
  2. If it’s sensitive (including anything someone could use for identity theft), email me at rmogull@securosis.com.
  3. If it’s interesting or embarrassing, feel free to post it as a comment.
  4. For sensitive entries, you can also post a comment telling what you found, but not the details.
  5. You must cite all sources- this is full disclosure, you know. Entries without the source will be eliminated.
  6. For-pay sources are allowed if you’re willing to cover the cost yourself.
  7. Close friends and others with inside knowledge are ineligible. Will and Scott are especially ineligible.
  8. The contest ends in two weeks (October 13), or when all my details are compromised.

The top prize, based on the value of the information found, is a hardcover copy of Vernor Vinge’s Rainbows End, the most mind-blowing book I’ve read lately. If you find my SSN there will be a bonus prize that’s worth your effort (I’ll post it once I figure it out).


p style=”text-align:right;”>0312856849.01. Aa240 Sclzzzzzzz Yes, I know what I’m inviting here. But better to know what’s out there than live with my head in the sand. I promise you there’s plenty to embarrass me with, and a few interesting tidbits like my employee number.

I’ll probably regret this…