Sure, the RSA Recovery Breakfast was a huge hit, but let’s be honest – if there’s any conference that really needs a recovery breakfast it has to be Black Hat.

So we decided to team up with our friends at Threatpost and throw down, Vegas style.

Thus we are proud to officially announce the Securosis/Threatpost Black Hat Disaster Recovery Breakfast!

We’ll be holding it Thursday morning from 8-11 at Cafe Lago in Caesar’s, which is right near the bottom of the main escalators heading up to the conference area. We’ve set it up so we get to use the main buffet, but have our own private seating area with beverage services. Just like RSA it’s an open event – drop in and out whenever you want. We realize some of you would prefer we ran it from 11 to sometime in the late evening, but some of us have to work the show and such. We’ll provide the breakfast, appropriate recovery beverages, and a fine selection of hangover recovery supplements (over the counter only).

Since Vegas isn’t the cheapest place on the planet, we do have to ask that you actually RSVP this time. Please email with your name so we can put you on the list. (Please only RSVP if you think there’s a reasonable chance you’ll make it).

Feel free to email with any questions, and we look forward to seeing you in Vegas…