With great pleasure we post the 2nd annual Securosis Guide to the RSA Conference, 2011 edition. Last year’s guide we built as an experiment, but it has now effectively become an encyclopedia of all things RSA.

As you’ve been seeing all week, we list out our key themes and then break down each major section of the industry. In this complete version we include vendor lists for each section and a comprehensive vendor list (with URLs) for easy reference during the show.

Rich summed it up best – it’s not really an RSA Guide, it’s more “What’s coming in the next year of security”, which happens to be published in time for RSA.

Below are links to both PDF and ePub versions. I loaded the Guide onto my iPad this morning and it looks great, so you may want to do that as well (in iBooks you may need to select the PDF tab).

Enjoy and tell your friends. It’s free. Let’s just hope it doesn’t show up verbatim in the World’s #1 Hacker’s next book.

PDF version: Securosis-GuidetoRSAC2011.pdf

ePub version: Securosis-GuidetoRSAC2011.epub

PS: Vendors, if you are looking for a nice giveaway for one last blast to your prospect lists to give away all those valuable expo passes, feel free to distribute the Guide. No fees, no nothing. It’s our little Valentine’s Day gift to you.