Update: based on questions over email- this is only part time and we expect you to have another job, and we are looking for 1-2 people to test the idea out. Also, if you are on the Contributing Analyst track, we’ll focus more on research and writing, and you won’t be asked to do much of normal intern-level stuff.

Over the years we’ve met a heck of a lot of smart people, many of whom we’d like to work with, but we haven’t really had a good mechanism to pull off direct collaboration under the Securosis umbrella. Like pretty much any self-funded services company on the face of the planet, we need to be super careful on managing growth to limit overhead. We’ve also been dropping some activities over here that aren’t at the top of the to-do list, which is just as dangerous as bloated overhead.

Right before Black Hat I tweeted that we were thinking of starting an intern program, and I received a bigger response than expected. Some of these people are far too qualified for an “intern” title. It also got us thinking that there might be some creative ways to pull other people in, without too much overhead or unrealistic commitments on either side.

Being something of community and social media junkies, we also thought we’d like to incorporate some of those ideas into whatever we come up with. Thus we’re officially announcing our intern and Contributing Analyst program. Here’s what we are thinking, and we are open to other ideas:

  • The intern program is for anyone with a good security background who’s also interested in learning what it’s like to be an analyst. We’ll ask for some cheap labor (writing projects, site maintenance, other general help) and in exchange we’ll bring you in, show you the analyst side, and give you access to our resources. We’ll pay for certain scut work, but it won’t be a lot. Floggings will be kept to a minimum, unless you are into that sort of thing.
  • The Contributing Analyst positions are for experienced industry analysts, or others capable of contributing high quality research and analysis. We will ask you to blog occasionally and bring you in on specific projects. We will also support you if you bring in your own projects. In exchange, we will pay you the same rates we pay ourselves on projects, including some of the research products we are planning on producing.
  • In both cases you will be part of the Securosis team – participating on briefings, using our resources, and so on.
  • We realize there might be the occasional conflict of interest, depending on your current employer. Anyone in either program will be restricted from writing about anything that promotes, or potentially promotes, their current employer and will be restricted from briefings and proprietary materials from competitors. You’ll have to be firewalled off from any conflicts. Also, any potential conflicts will be disclosed on your site bio and in any publications. You’ll have to sign a contract agreeing to all this.
  • You’ll get a Securosis email, direct blog access, internal collaboration server access, business cards, editorial support and use of anything else – like our SurveyMonkey account, and so on.
  • We are really persnickety about how we write and the quality of our work. Anything you publish under our name will have to get approved by a full-time analyst and go through an editorial process that may be considered brutal, if not outright sadistic. We’ll train interns up, but any Contributing Analyst will be expected to write at the same level we do, and reviewed too.
  • Unless you are already an established industry analyst (or have that experience) we will have you start in the intern program for a minimum of 3 months. This is so we can feel each other out and make sure it’s going to work.
  • Anyone in either program can eventually become a full timer, if the workload and quality supports it.
  • We don’t plan on “dictating” to people. We want to give you freedom to explore different research projects and new ideas. We’re totally up for helping implement (and even funding) good ideas as long as they support our no-bull totally transparent research philosophies.

Basically, we want to expand the community of people we work with directly, even if it’s not a traditional employee/employer relationship. Eventually we’d love to have a network of contributors of different types, and this is only a first step. There are perspectives out there that no full-time analyst will ever get, by the nature of the job, and this might be a way to expand that window. We also think we can support some new, interesting kinds of research that might be difficult to perform someplace else. Think of us as a platform, especially since we don’t feel compelled to directly monetize everything we do.

If you are interested, please email us at info@securosis.com. We’ll need a resume, bio, which program you are interested in, and why. We’ll have an interview process that will require some writing, presenting, and an interview or two.

We only plan on taking a couple people at a time since it can take a lot of time to get someone up and running, but we’ll stack rank and fill in as we have the capacity to support people.