We realize it has been a while, but we are insanely excited to open up the next phase of the Securosis Nexus beta test. This is an open beta but we reserve the right to kick out anyone who annoys us.

Getting Started

Signing into the Nexus is easy. Just go to http://nexus.securosis.com, click “Sign Up” and enter “4111-1111-1111-1111” as your credit card number – sorry if that’s your real credit card number. You will then receive activation information via email.


What to Expect

The Nexus is code complete but our content is far from complete. The system is completely functional, so now we need help making sure it scales beyond our internal testing. We have some starter content in there, but it is only representative of where we are headed, and this structure is temporary.

We will be adding content weekly basis as we get closer to launch, and will send out occasional updates to beta testers so you know what we are up to.

We are fully supporting the “Ask an Analyst” feature, which means you get free advice (well, in exchange for your help testing). But this is a (free) beta test, so we make no promises of timeliness. 🙂

We anticipate staying in test mode for 3-6 months because it will take at least that long to write all the content. Most of the material is brand new, and this isn’t merely a repository for our white papers.

If you find bugs or have questions, email us at nexus@securosis.com or use the Support link.

Thanks! We are really looking forward to getting more people into the system and taking it for a test drive.