We’ve been hinting at it over Twitter and in other blog posts, but it’s official. We’re sponsoring our First Annual Recovery Breakfast Wednesday morning at the RSA conference (8-11 am at Jillian’s). We’ll have hot and cold food, a selection of over-the-counter recovery items, and the hair of the dog of your choice. No marketing, speeches, or anything else (especially since we’ll be in rough shape ourselves).

Since we have no idea how many people might show up, we’re asking you to RSVP if you think there’s a reasonable chance you’ll make it. To add a bit of incentive, we will be randomly selecting one RSVP to win a Chumby. You still have to show up to win, but we’ll pre-select your name so you don’t have to be there at any particular time. Just email us at rsvp@securosis.com. (We’ll need the winner’s real address to ship it to you, since it takes too much space in our bags, but we’ll just collect that at the event.

We hope you’ll be able to join us, and we’ll see you at the show…