As part of our changes at Securosis this year, it’s time to say goodbye to the old Friday Summary, and hello to the new one. Adrian and I started the Summary way back before Mike joined the company, as our own version of his weekly Security Incite. Our objective was to review the highlights of the week, both our work and things we found on the Internet, typically with an introduction based on events in our personal lives.

As we look at growing and changing our focus this year, it’s time for a different format. Mike’s Incite (usually released on Wednesdays) does a great job highlighting important security stories, or whatever we find interesting. The Summary has always overlapped a bit. We also developed a tendency to overstuff it with links.

Moving forward we are switching gears, and the Summary will now focus on our main coverage areas: cloud, DevOps, and automation security. The new sections will be more tightly curated and prioritized, to better fit a weekly newsletter format for folks who don’t have time to keep up on everything.

We plan to keep the Incite our source for general security industry analysis, with the revised Summary targeting our new focus areas. We are also changing our email list provider from Aweber to MailChimp due to an ongoing technical issue. As part of that switch we will soon offer more email subscription options, which we used to have. You can pick the daily digest of all our posts, the weekly Incite, and/or the weekly Summary. If you want to subscribe directly to the Friday Summary only, just click here.

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This is a new section highlighting a cloud, DevOps, or security tool we think you should take a look at. We still struggle to keep track of all the interesting tools that can help us; if you have submissions please email them to //

We are still looking at how we want to handle logging as we rearchitect Our friend Matt J. recommended I look at the fluentd open source log collector. It looks like a good replacement for Logstash, which is pretty heavy and can be hard to configure. You can pump everything into fluentd in an instance, container, or auto-scaled cluster if you need it. It can perform analysis right there, plus you can send them down the chain to things like ElasticSearch/Kibana, AWS Kinesis, or different kinds of storage.

What I really like is how it normalizes data into JSON as much as possible, which is great because that’s how we are structuring all our Trinity application logs.

Our plan is to use fluentd with some basic rules for, pushing the logs into AWS hosted ElasticSearch (to reduce management overhead), and then Kibana to roll our own SIEM. We see a bunch of clients following a similar approach. This also fits well into cloud logging architectures where you collect the logs locally and only send alerts back to the SOC. Especially with S3 support, that can really reduce overall costs.

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