Threat modeling involves figuring out ways the system can be gamed and your [fill in the blank] can be compromised. Great modelers can take anything and come up with new ways to question the integrity of the system. When it comes to 0-day attacks, many tend to focus on increasingly sophisticated fuzzers and other techniques to find holes in code, like the tactics described in the Confessions of a Cyber Warrior interview.

But Jeremiah takes a step back to find yet another logic flaw in our assumptions of our adversaries in this succinct and eye opening tweet.

As 0-days go for 6 to 7 figures, imagine the temptation for rogue developers to surreptitiously implant bugs in the software supply chain.

I can see it now. The application security marketing engine will get ramped up around the rogue developer threat, which is just another form of the insider attack bogey man, starting in 3, 2, 1…

But the threat is real. The real question is whether awareness of this kind of adversary would change how you do application security. I’m sure my partners (and many of you) have opinions about what should be done differently.