Updated : Forgot to list the date, it’s January 25th.

Update 2 : Fixed stupid mistake in mailto link. Bad ex-web programmer. Bad!

I must be the [edited] of webcasting or something. Considering I get paid for these you could probably use another word, but this is a family friendly blog.

ZDNet has opened registration for my webcast on database security. As mentioned before, this one is designed to walk the line between DBAs and security admins- taking 5 key recommendations and giving actionable advice for each audience. It’s sponsored by Oracle.

Since I want to make sure this one is really on target, if you are either a DBA interested in security, or a security admin interested in databases, drop me a line and I’ll send you a draft for review. I have a couple people taking a look already, but I’d like some input from people dealing with day to day operational issues. Just email me at rmogull@securosis.com.

Here’s the full description of the event:

The spotlight on database security and increasing demands for regulatory compliance require DBAs and security professionals to work more closely than ever before – both integrating and separating job duties. Security and database teams are being challenged to learn at least SOME of the skills of each other’s domains while applying these principles practically to achieve compliance and keep out the bad (and even some not-so-bad) guys. Join us for this informative eSeminar with useful information for both database and security professionals, where long-time database security industry expert Rich Mogull will highlight the top five recommendations for database security and compliance in this new year. Featured topics will include: Segregation of Duties for DBA and Security Pro alike Database Vulnerability Configuration Management Auditing and Activity Monitoring See how your resolutions for ‘08 compare with our experts – and bring your questions for the Q&A session following the presentation. Register now to ensure your spot at this important event.


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