Update: Some additional information was just posted on the Twitter Blog. Along with some comments on how their soon to be Beta ‘0auth’ would not have prevented this attack, there is also some information on the extent of the scam. Seems that Barack Obama’s account was hacked along with a few others. Did this strike anyone else as odd: if Obama has not been twittering since being elected, does that mean a staffer logged in on his behalf?

An interesting note popped up on Twitter this morning about a Phishing attack through direct messages and direct email. The Phish is very well done and looks legit, so it will probably be effective. It is asking for you to provide access credentials to Twitter, but the domain is accesslogins.com. The WHOIS for Access-Logins shows it owned by XIN NET Technology Corp from Beijing, with all of the 126.com email accounts hosted from Netease.com. That’s a long way from San Francisco. Access-Logins is the home of a few dozen other Phishing sites, from McAfee to Defcon. Needless to say, don’t click on email links.

The real question on my mind is: once you have clicked onto the Phishing login page, will Twitter’s real reset password function be vulnerable to an XSS attack? I do not have a copy of the original email so I am unable to test. If you fall victim to this you will want to clear all of your private data from the browser and restart it before trying to reset your password. Or shut down your current browser and use the password reset from a different one- otherwise other passwords may be captured as well.