On July 29th I’ll be giving a webcast entitled Using Data Leakage Prevention and Database Activity Monitoring for Data Protection. It’s a mix of my content on DLP, DAM and Information Centric security, designed to show you how to piece these technologies together.

It’s sponsored by Tizor, and you can register here (the content, as always, is my independent stuff). Here’s the description:

When it comes to data security, few things are certain, but there is one thing that very few security experts will dispute. Enterprises need a new way of thinking about data security, because traditional data security methods are just not working. Data Leakage Prevention (DLP) and Database Activity Monitoring (DAM) are two fundamental components of the new security landscape. Predicated on the need to “know” what is actually happening with sensitive data, DLP and DAM address pressing security issues. But despite the value that these two technologies offer, there is a great deal of confusion about what these technologies actually do and how they should be implemented. At this webinar, Rich Mogull, one of today”s most well respected security experts, will clear up the confusion about DLP and DAM. Rich will discuss: * The business problems created by a lack of data centric security * How these problems relate to today”s threats and technologies * What DLP and DAM do and how they fit into the enterprise security environment * Best practices for creating a data centric security model for your organization