As part of updating All Things Securosis, the time has come to migrate our mailing lists to a new provider (MailChimp, for the curious). The CAPTCHA at our old provider wasn’t working properly, so people couldn’t sign up. I’m not sure if that’s technically irony for a security company, but it was certainly unfortunate. So…

If you weren’t expecting this, for some reason our old provider had you listed as active!! If so we are really sorry and please click on the unsubscribe at the bottom of the email (yes some of you are just reading this on the blog). We did our best to prune the list and only migrated active subscriptions (our lists were always self-subscribe to start), but the numbers look a little funny and let’s just say there is a reason we switched providers. Really, we don’t want to spam you, we hate spam, and if this shows up in your inbox and is unwanted, the unsubscribe link will work, and feel free to email us/reply directly. I’m hoping it’s only a few people who unsubscribed during the transition.

If you want to be added, we have two different lists – one for the Friday Summary (which is all cloud, security automation, and DevOps focused), and the Daily Digest of all emails sent the previous day. We only use these lists to send out email feeds from the blog, which is why I’m posting this on the site and not sending directly. We take our promises seriously and those lists are never shared/sold/whatever, and we don’t even send anything to them outside blog posts. Here are the signup forms:

Now if you received this in email, and sign up again, that’s very meta of you and some hipster is probably smugly proud.

Thanks for sticking with us, and hopefully we will have a shiny new website to go with our shiny new email system soon. But the problem with hiring designers that live in another state is flogging becomes logistically complex, and even the cookie bribes don’t work that well (especially since their office is, literally, right above a Ben and Jerry’s).

And again, apologies if you didn’t expect or want this in your inbox; we spent hours trying to pull only active subscribers and then clean everything up but I have to assume mistakes still happened.