After posting our Top Six Hints for Safe Online Holiday Shopping, Chris Pepper notified me that Firefox 2.0 is not an automatic upgrade, and Firefox 1.5 doesn’t prompt you at all to download the new version.

So go here and download it now.

As for security there’s one setting you should change right away. Under the security preferences, if you store passwords in Firefox you want to check the box to set a master password. Otherwise anyone on the system can go into the preferences and see all your passwords. Needless to say that’s what we call, “bad”.

I do let FF keep my passwords, even though it’s a bit of a risk to store so many in a single place. I DO NOT STORE ANY BANKING PASSWORDS ANYWHERE!!! If someone cracks FF they’ll get my Amazon and other retail passwords, but I never store any financial institution passwords. None of my banks. No PayPal. No E*Trade.