We Don’t Know Sh—. You Don’t Know Sh—.

By Rich

Once again we have a major security story slumming in the headlines. This time it’s Hackers on a Plane, but without all that Samuel L goodness. But what’s the real story? It’s time to face the fact that the only people who know are the ones who aren’t talking, and everything you hear is most certainly wrong.

Watch or listen:

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Anyone who is reported to have messed with the flight controls of an airliner in flight *while a passenger on that plane himself*, was:
1. lying
2. being misquoted
3. inadvertantly creating terror in the flight crew and any other passengers who may have noticed the deviation from normal flight
4. a terrorist
5. suicidal
6. incredibly stupid about the consequences of his action

Choose at least three.

By Dean

Thanks guys. Refreshing to see someone say ‘We dont know sh!t’ rather than provide an in-depth treat analysis based on FUD.

By Marco Tietz

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