This Friday I’ll be giving another webcast with ZDNet/Oracle. This time we’re focusing in on preventative controls for separation of duties. The formal title is Enforcing Separation of Duties for Database and Security Administrators, and registration is open.

You may have noticed I’m spending a lot of time on this theme of crossing the lines between security and database administration. We’ve found that most security types aren’t the most experienced with databases, and DBAs, while perhaps technically proficient with aspects of database security, are still pretty limited when it comes to broader security skills.

The last webcast highlighted 5 important areas of database security and compliance, one of which was separation of duties. This presentation, and one in April, are digging deeper into the SoD problem. We’re going to start with preventative controls, ranging from access controls to advanced security features, and finish next month with monitoring/detective controls.

In both cases I’ll be on for about 30 minutes with the high level view, followed by the Oracle folks with more details on how to implement it in their systems.


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