Yep, it’s all webcasts all the time for me this week. I wonder if I can get my own TV channel?

I’m pretty excited to do this one; I’m presenting Integrating Web Applications into Your Vulnerability Management Program with Core Security, the makers of Core Impact.

That’s right, folks, I actually know about something other than information-centric security and Macs.

This is going to be a bit of a different one designed to walk the line between the tactical and the strategic. I’ll start by talking about the major web application threats at a high level, then dig into the different ways you can manage web app vulnerabilities and link it into your broader vulnerability management program. We’re going to talk a lot about the interplay of different vulnerability scanning techniques and testing, including penetration testing (of course).

If you’re already deep into pen testing this will give you a broader context on how to link into enterprise-level programs. If you want to get a higher level overview of some of the web application issues and management techniques, you should walk away pretty happy.

I suppose I should go write it now. You can register here…