Yep, I’m usually late to parties.

The holidays were pretty intense with various family events this year, so I blogged and worked less than expected on my vacation. I’ve also managed to come down with a nasty case of strep, which is an annoying way to start the year. Thus it’s only now, on January 2nd, that I can finally respond to Alex’s challenge/tag for my 2007 predictions. Let’s start with the 2006 recap:

  • Some good stuff happened
  • Some bad stuff happened
  • Some things got better
  • Some things got worse
  • Everything else stayed the same

Hmm, did I miss anything?

Now for my 2007 predictions:

  • Some good stuff will happen
  • Some bad stuff will happen
  • Some things will get better
  • Some things will get worse
  • Everything else will stay the same

While I do think the end of the year can be a good time to reflect on the recent past and look towards the future, I also think we in the security world can’t always afford to make these arbitrary divisions of time. We live on a non-cyclical continuum that, vacations aside, doesn’t begin or end on annual or quarterly cycles (except for some of you on the vendor side, maybe). I think this cynicism is probably an artifact of working so many holidays as a paramedic or physical security guy (for the record, Xmas was usually slow, with a few tragic calls, and New Year’s Eve usually busy).

Thus I’m using this arbitrary black line of the end of the year to remind you that there are no arbitrary black lines.

Actually, there is one prediction I want to make for 2007. It isn’t about any markets, threats, or technology developments.

In 2007 the job of a security professional will be neither materially more difficult, nor materially less difficult, than it was in 2006.

My fellow bloggers, and my coworkers, have already done a good job of predicting specifics and I don’t see much to add. Threats, tools, and technology will change, but the net balance for 2007 will stay even.

Sorry folks, you’ll still have job security into 2008…