We are putting the final touches on the new site and should be launching it within the next 24 hours. Being the eternal optimists, we’re pretty sure something will go wrong, but maybe we’ll luck out and those beers we bought the migration gods will pay off.

We’re pretty excited- aside from moving us off the Mogull Special design template, we’re switching to a more secure system, adding a bunch of features, and finally organizing all our content. Thursday’s move is only the first step- we’re already working on some additional content and features we hope you’ll like.

If you subscribe to Feedburner RSS you won’t notice any changes. After this move we won’t be pointing people to Feedburner anymore, but we’ll keep it active. We don’t think we have any direct subscribers, but if you happen to use a non-Feedburner feed, you’ll need to visit the new site and re-subscribe. Otherwise, the transition should go smoothly, but we hope you RSS only readers will still come and check out the new site (and features).

**If you subscribe to the email updates**

We’re changing to an entirely new email system and your subscription may not carry over. Yeah, it stinks, but we didn’t have many options. If you get emails of our feed from Feedburner you won’t notice any changes. If you subscribed directly on the site, you’ll need to visit the new site and sign up again- we have a big link right there on the blog page (on the right side), and all you need to enter is an email address.

Wish us luck- we’ll need it!

And don’t forget to visit the new site… same address, more pizzaz.

(not more pizzas, which would probably get us more readers)