In the unintended consequences file, it’s awesome when big honking devices to stop attacks get owned and blast other sites. Yup, the folks at Incapsula found a huge DDoS that was leveraging equipment from two (not one, but two!) DDoS protection services.

The perpetrators hijacked and leveraged the power of two separate high-capacity servers belonging to unnamed DDoS protection services providers, Zeifman said. He explained that this type of strong network infrastructure, built to defend against volumetric attacks, offers attackers a way to “fight fire with fire.”

What’s great is that DDoS mitigation service providers are justifiably more focused on ingress traffic and getting rid of crap. Outbound stuff gets less scrutiny. So it was easy for attackers to hide in the flood of other traffic.

This is just a reminder that if it can be used against you, it will. And ‘it’ is anything.