While I sometimes get annoyed with various security technologies, there are very few I consider to be complete snake oil.

However, those remote “data destruction” tools or “Lojack for laptops” are complete crap when it comes to security. Absolute bullshit, and I don’t use language like that here very often.

They might have some value in recovering the physical asset, but as this case shows they sure as hell won’t protect you from a data breach:

Horizon Wednesday said it has notified about 300,000 of its members of the potential compromise of their personal information following the theft of a laptop containing the data on Jan 5. A security feature on the stolen laptop automatically deleted all of the confidential information on Jan. 23, a company spokesman said. But it is not clear whether the thief who stole the computer accessed the data on the system before then, he said. The data on the laptop was unencrypted but password-protected.

I guarantee you’ll see some of these companies at the next security conference you go to. If you want to use them to help with physical recovery, that’s fine. But for data security? No fracking way.


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