I really don’t mean to turn this blog into a media rant, but I’m on a roll today and will keep it short.

I was, like most of you, disappointed that the media’s been exploiting the VT tragedy with nonstop coverage and pathetic interviewing of anyone they could get their hands on to fill the 24 hour news cycle. That’s fine, I can mostly turn it off and just get the occasional update from the web as facts emerge.

That was until I saw the paper this morning.

Here’s a hint guys- if you plaster ego-shots of some twisted sociopath in movie scene poses with guns all over your papers, websites, and broadcasts, all it does is turn him into some martyr for the cult of the deranged. You’re creating an anti-hero for that miniscule fraction of society born without all the right wires connected.

No, these images won’t encourage a normal person to cross the edge to insanity after getting turned down for a date one too many times. But with 300 million people in this country, never mind internationally, the law of averages ensures that some miniscule fraction of society will lack the neurons that ensure our social fabric. These images, with those of Columbine, encourage that fraction of fractions to go on a spree for their 15 minutes, rather than just taking themselves out.

I’m not talking censorship. It is completely within the rights of news outlets to show whatever they get their hands on. But stop pretending you bear no responsibility for the actions you take. This story could have easily been covered without turning this kid into a martyr. This isn’t censorship, it’s discretion. What do you think the odds are the next maniac will mail you a package of images before committing atrocious acts and seeing if he can break the old record for domestic body count?

Guess what guys, this is also how terrorism works. You don’t think suicide bombers make those videos just for their families, do you?

Wake the fuck up. Stop giving these people an outlet and making them famous. I’m not naive enough to think that it will stop these events, but we sure as hell don’t have to encourage them.

Alright. Rant over. Back to your irregularly scheduled blogging…