Windows XP’s recent end of life has garnered a bit of industry recognition. Mostly from vendors pushing controls to lock down the ancient operating system. Folks who are stuck on XP are, well, stuck. And now there is a new exploit in the wild that takes advantage of IE, so what are XP users to do?

About 30% of all desktops are thought to be still running Windows XP and analysts have previously warned that those users would be vulnerable to attacks from cyber-thieves.

Microsoft has suggested businesses and consumers still using the system should upgrade to a newer alternative.

Twist in the wind, that’s what, at least according to Microsoft. That’s their answer: upgrade. If that’s not an option, lock down the device using a technology like privilege management or full application whitelisting. If those aren’t options either, you had better get some good forensics tools, because those devices will be owned. Sooner rather than later.

This is the first unpatched XP issue in the new regime. It won’t be the last.

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