Gee, is anyone out there surprised by this?

Out of business, Clear may sell customer data.

Here’s the thing – when you share your information with a company – any company, they view that information as one of their assets. As far as they are concerned, they own it, not you. This also includes any information any company can collect on you through legal means. Our laws (in the U.S. – it isn’t as bad in Europe and a few other regions) fully support this business model.

Think you are protected by a customer agreement or privacy policy? Odds are you aren’t – the vast majority are written carefully so the company can change them pretty much whenever they want. Amazon’s done it, as have most major sites/organizations. If you don’t have a signed contract saying you own your own data, you don’t. This is especially true when companies go out of business – one of the key assets sold to recoup investor losses is customer data.

In the case of Clear, this includes biometrics (fingerprint and iris scan) – never mind all the financial data and the background checks they ran.

But don’t worry; they’ll only sell it to another registered traveler company. Trust them.