I may be done with having children, but that doesn’t mean I’ve forgotten how quickly 8 months can stream by.

Windows XP is certainly, definitely, going out of support in April of 2014, but all too many people are still using it:

If you’re a fan of numbers, head over to Netmarketshare.com, NetApplication’s site for usage share statistics. They measure web browser usage share, search engine usage share, and operating system usage share, and it is of course that latter measurement that I’m focused on this week. According to the firm, Windows XP still accounted for over 37 percent of all desktop OS usage share in July 2013, behind Windows 7 (44.5 percent) but well ahead of Windows 8 (5.4 percent), Vista (4.24 percent), or the most recent Mac OS X version (3.3 percent).

That means no more security patches, unless you pony up insane amounts of money for custom extended support.

If Windows 8 scares you, Windows 7 is a far less jarring transition. But seriously, don’t wait. XP is effectively impossible to secure today, and once support disappears you will really have no way to keep bad guys out. All it takes is one XP box in the wrong place on your network.