Twitter exploded last night with news that the self-proclaimed world’s #1 hacker’s email and Twitter accounts were compromised. Personally, the amount of time that good people spend feeding that troll annoys me. Which is why I’m not mentioning his name. Why give him any more SEO points for acting poorly? Since the beginning of time there have been charlatans, shysters, and frauds; this guy is no different. Major media outlets are too dumb and lazy to do the work required to vet their experts, so they respond to his consistent PR efforts. Whatever.

But let’s deal with the situation at hand because it’s important. First off, if you bait a lion, you shouldn’t be surprised when you get eaten. Tell me you were surprised when Roy got mauled by his white tiger. I was more surprised it took that long. In other words, live by the sword, die by the sword. And clearly that is the case here.

Now there are 4gb of email and other sensitive files in the wild, and this guy’s closet will be opened for all to see. And there are skeletons in there. To be clear, this is wrong. The attackers are breaking the law, but it’s hard to feel bad for the victim. His sophomoric threats, frivolous lawsuits, and intimidation games probably worked OK in the schoolyard, but in the real world – not so much. It’s your bed, now you get to sleep in it.

Second, if you know you are a target, why would you leave a huge amount of sensitive documents in an email store on a publicly accessible server? I read a Tweet that said his email was at GoDaddy. Really? And isn’t the first rule of email that it’s not a file store? I know we all probably violate that dictum from time to time, but to have financial records, account numbers, and legal filings in your email box? Come on, now! Basically, I suspect there is stuff there that could put our victim in the big house for a long time. Again, you made the bed, now sleep in it.

We take ridiculous security precautions for a 3-person company. It’s actually a huge pain in the ass. And we are fully cognizant that at some point we will likely be breached. Crap, if it can happen to Kaminsky it can happen to us. So we don’t do stupid things. Too often. And that really is the lesson here. Everyone can be breached, even the world’s #1 hacker.