I’m catching up on my reading, and finally got a chance to peruse the NetworkWorld DLP Review. Here’s why I think you need to toss this one straight into the hopper:

  1. It only includes McAfee and Sophos – other vendors declined to participate.
  2. The reviewers state the bulk of their review was focused on test driving the management interface.
  3. The review did not test accuracy.
  4. The review did not test performance.
  5. The review did not compare “like” products – even the McAfee and Sophos offerings are extremely different, and little effort was made to explain these differences and what they mean to real world deployments.

In other words, this isn’t really a review and should not inform buying decisions. This is like trying to decide which toaster to buy based on someone else’s opinion of how pretty the knobs are.

I’m not saying anything about the products themselves, and don’t read anything between lines that isn’t there. This is about NetworkWorld publishing a useless review that could mislead readers.