This hit Slashdot today, and I expect the mainstream press to pick it up fairly soon. Chris Paget will be intercepting cell phone communications at Defcon during a live demonstration.

I suspect this may be the single most spectacular presentation during all of this year’s Defcon and Black Hat. Yes, people will be cracking SCADA and jackpotting ATMs, but nothing strikes closer to the heart than showing major insecurities with the single most influential piece of technology in society. Globally I think cell phones are even more important than television.

Chris is taking some major precautions to stay out of jail. He’s working hand in hand with the Electronic Frontier Foundation on the legal side, and there will be plenty of warnings on-site and no information from any calls recorded or stored.

I suspect he’s setting up a microcell under his control and intercepting communications in a man in the middle attack, but we’ll have to wait until his demo to get all the details.

For years the mobile phone companies have said this kind of interception is impractical or impossible. I guess we’ll all find out this weekend…