This will probably sound weird, but for the first time in many years I am bummed that summer is ending. This is odd because I’m not really into vacations. I have only taken a real vacation – which I define as my wife and myself leaving the house together for more than 24 hours – twice in the last twelve years. And one of those vacations was a disaster I would not care to relive – drunken friends and crashing houseboats onto rocks is something I can do without. Anyway, vacations are just not something we really do. And when you have as many critters as we do – each needing regular attention – going anywhere gets a bit difficult. I travel a lot as part of this job, so I have no need to “get away” for its own sake. I’m happy to putter around the house, and I have made my home a great place to take time off.

This year a close friend and I ventured up to south Lake Tahoe and visited Echo Lake. It’s a place my friend has been going with his parents since he was born, but both his parents have now passed, so we decided to keep the tradition alive. We planned a couple days hanging out and not catching fish. The trip started with a few bad omens: both on the way there and back, we got stuck in several traffic jams – including a high speed chase/rollover accident that stranded us for a few hours in the hot Oakland sun. But that did not matter. Sitting in traffic and sitting in the boat, I had a freaking great time! In fact I really did not want to come back. There was hiking I wanted to do but we ran out of time. And kayaking – no time. And swimming. And they had a Sailfish one-design regatta – I wanted in on that! Drinking Scotch with total strangers and just watching the sun set. And more fishing. I wanted to see if I could get my mountain bike back into the wilderness trails. I wanted a summer vacation, the three month kind I have not had since early high school. I started to fantasize about a tiny cabin on the water to help make all this happen. I could have stayed three months without a second thought. Honestly, I was like a little kid on the last week of summer. I really did not want to come back.

I know about all the studies that say you need time off work to be mentally healthy and invigorate yourself. I see a blog post every year on the need for time off and the importance of vacations. And I have seen the benefits of employees regularly taking time off. Whatever. That’s for other people. Not me. Or it was. Now I want a real vacation. It was damn fun, and even if it doesn’t help me beat burnout or reinvigorate me mentally – although this trip did – I just want to go do that again. It was odd feeling that urge to get away for the first time in a very long time. And here I find myself looking at listings for vacation properties – weird.

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You reminded me of a story on BBC where they got a 13 year old to trade his ipod for a walkman for a week. Interesting to read his reactions to the tech – but made me feel old :-): Giving up my iPod for a Walkman.