2013?!? WTF?!?!

I have this time dilation theory of aging. The older you get, the smaller a as a fraction of your existence each year is, so the shorter it feels.

I don’t like it.

Anyway, another year down, another at bat. We had a hell of a good year for the company (I’d give a growth number, but we make fun of all the other private companies for doing that), and other than illness I can’t complain about my personal year.

A few weeks ago we finished up our Securosis 2013 planning, and things are looking really interesting. A lot has changed since I started this blog company, and we try to evolve with the times. The biggest change you are likely to notice is the pace and nature of our blogging. We are trying to do more linked-list style posts, which include a link or three and some short exposition. The idea is to push more of them out daily, instead of saving everything up for the Incite and Summary.

This won’t affect our bigger posts – we’ll still do those – but we realized that when we are busy or working on big projects we fall back to little more than the monster posts that build research projects, and less of the lighter daily posts. We realized you don’t need 1,000 words on everything we cover, and a few sentences can cover lots of it. Some days you might see 10 posts, others you might see none – it all depends on what we are up to. This is an experiment, and we definitely need your feedback.

A ton of you are on our daily email list (more than I thought) and since those compile all our posts, that mail might make a good once-a-day every morning – you can sign up.

We are also now tweeting all blog content at the @securosis account, and only pushing bigger stuff through our personal accounts.

Personally, I realized the blogs I tend to read daily are mostly composed of shorter posts highlighting interesting things I can dig into if I want, and we want to bring more of that flavor to Securosis.com.

We are also looking at playing more with short video and maybe even audio content, but we are holding off on other changes while we work out the blog posting and pacing first.

Finally, we have a ton more coming up this year. The Nexus launch is going to happen, for real, and we learned a ton in the beta test, which has driven many adjustments. It’s definitely time to ship that puppy. We are also looking at providing more end-user advisory services, but we don’t want to hire any sales execs so that will all be opportunistic. Additionally, our agendas are firming up nicely, and you will hear more on that soon.

We weirdly think we can pull all this off with our little cadre of folks.

Silly us.

On to the Summary:

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Favorite Securosis Posts

  • Mike Rothman: Best Post of 2012: Inflection. As we enter 2013, I wanted to point to probably the best piece we did in 2012, at least IMO. That’s Rich’s Inflection post. Things are always changing, and if you don’t see the change coming you can get steamrollered. Read this. Then read it again. And see whether you’ll see 2013 from the undercarriage of the bus that’s about to run you over. Or not.
  • Mike Rothman: The CloudSec Chicken or the DevOps Egg. I had a very similar conversation regarding the impact of SDN on network security this week. It’s hard to balance being ahead of the market and showing so-called thought leadership against building something the market won’t like. Most of the network security players are waiting for VMWare to define the interfaces and interactions before they commit to much of anything.
  • Adrian Lane: Can we effectively monitor big data?. Yes, it’s my post, but I think DAM needs re-engineering to accommodate big data.

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Blog Comment of the Week

This week’s best comment goes to our friend Jack Daniels, in response to The New York Times on Antivirus.

Amazing, next the NYT will discover newspapers are largely obsolete, too.

Or maybe we’ll have to read that new flash on an anti-virus company’s blog to even things up.