Compliance and security have hit the big time, and I have the proof.

Okay: all of us who live, eat, and breathe security already know that compliance is a big deal and a pain in the ass – but it isn’t as if “normal” people ever pay attention, right? Other than CEOs and folks who have to pay for our audits, right? And according to the meme that’s been circulating since I started in the business, no one actually cares about security until they’ve been hit, right?

Well, today I was sitting at my favorite local coffee shop when the owner came over to make fun of me for having my Mac and iPad out at the same time. We got to talking about their wireless setup (secure, but he doesn’t like the service) and he mentioned he was thinking of dropping the service and running it off his own router. I gave him some security tips, and he informed me that in no way, shape, or form would he connect his open WiFi to the same connection his payment system is on.

Because he has to stay PCI compliant.

Heck, he even knew what PCI PA-DSS was and talked about buying a secure, compliant point of sale system!

He’s not some closet security geek – just a dude running a successful small business (now in two locations). He’s a friggin’ Level 4 merchant, and still knows about PCI and compliant apps. I feel like kissing the sales guy who must have explained it all to him.

And security? He never uses anything except his up-to-date Windows 7 computer to access his bank account.

Now can we all shut up about not making a difference? Do you really think I could have had that conversation even a few years ago?

One last note:

RSA is fast approaching. We (well, @geekgrrl) are working hard on the Securosis Guide to RSA 2011, the Recovery Breakfast announcement will go out soon, we’re cramming to finish the CSA training class, and we’ve locked in an awesome lineup for the RSA e10+ program we are running this year. And then there’s our sekret squirrel project.

In other words, please forgive us if we are slow responding to email, phone calls, or beatings over the head.

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One can not keep information secret that is accessable by >10 people over years, period. Mind you, ‘systems’ and ‘networks’ are not limited to the typical IT stuff one might think of but includes the people and processes. Trying to secure it is doomed to fail, so what one needs is to adjust the mindset to reality. Sorry, no spend-more-dollars solution from me…