This is too good not to share, albeit only tangentially related to our usual SMB and enterprise focus:

A software development company posted a cracked version of their new game to pirate sites, but with a twist:

However, in the pirated version, the in-game developers begin to run into crippling piracy that eventually drives them into bankruptcy. In-game CEO’s receive this message: “Boss, it seems that while many players play our new game, they steal it by downloading a cracked version rather than buying it legally.”

If players don’t buy the games they like, we will sooner or later go bankrupt. Players who downloaded the game illegally then began posting questions in the game’s support forums asking how to better fight the pirates.

After the first weekend, the company had 3100 gamers playing the cracked version, with 214 playing the genuine edition.

Pay for your f-ing software, people, that’s all I have to say. Heck, I have even started paying for things I can get free review licenses for, when they are something I use on a regular basis and want to support.