This is a bit off topic, but indulge me. We had a little situation in our neighborhood last week, involving a home invasion. A couple masked (evidently armed) guys tied up a family and ransacked their house. The father was in the garage when the intruders made their entrance. The mother and a teenage child were also in the house. This happened in my sleepy suburban neighborhood, so it can happen anywhere.

The good news is that no one got hurt. They lost some money and some jewelry and I’d imagine they got a pretty good scare, given they were tied up in their bedroom after opening the safe. I don’t know the family, but it was the best outcome they could have gotten. As you can imagine, our neighborhood is in a tizzy. There are discussions of putting gates at the entrances, as well as significantly increasing the private security patrols that we contract. Yup, there is plenty of opportunity for security theater here.

But security theater isn’t interesting to me. I deal with that crap every time I fly. It got me thinking about what I’d do in a similar situation. I’m in the garage, the Boss and the kids are in the house. Multiple armed men enter the garage.

It’s quite a quandary. Some of you Hong Kong Phooey types might try to fend off the attackers. Do you run? Do you attack? Do you sacrifice everything to keep them out of the house? Do you try to talk some sense into them? Even if you have a gun in the house, how often are you in your garage? If you have an alarm, will you be able to hit the panic button? Should you, given that it could cause an unstable attacker to do something rash? Remember, you have family members in the house, which are unlikely to be as equipped as you to deal with the situation.

I think I know what I’d do. But I’m not sure what standard operating procedure would be, so I’m asking for some help. I know a bunch of you have law enforcement and/or military backgrounds, and many have advanced training in all sorts of self-defense tactics. In a similar situation, what do you do? The police are holding a meeting in our neighborhood next week, so we’ll find out what they suggest we do. But that’s just one opinion, right?

This seems like a targeted situation. The family has money and drives fancy cars, lives at the edge of the neighborhood, and their culture is known to keep cash and valuables in the house. None of which is my situation. But I’m wary of being too optimistic and naive about the risks to my family. So I’m going to do the threat models. I need to take precautions. I need to train my family what to do in a similar situation. What should I teach them?