But, he said, segregation of EHR data simply is not feasible or practical for integrated health systems such as Wellstar, …

“But I also have to be able to make the information available immediately in an emergency,” he said. “A 90-second delay if you’re waiting at an ATM for your money is an inconvenience. But if it takes 90 seconds figure out if you’re allergic to penicillin, it could be a matter of life and death.

Segregated healthcare networks rarely work, expert says

Nice to see our friend Martin Fisher give some good quote in the CSO Online article and he’s right. As more integrated business systems become pervasive, they screw up your ability to segment networks. To be clear, segmentation is your friend, but that only works when you can segment. Otherwise you need to provide more access than you’d prefer, and that means the focus turns toward authentication (making sure the right people get on) and security monitoring. If you can’t keep them out, you had better be able to React Faster and Better.