We talk a lot about Big Data Security, and over the next couple years we will talk about it a lot more. But I think articles like Big Goals for Big Data are a bit misleading.

But Preston Wood, Zions Bancorporation’s CISO and executive VP of security, finds it puzzling that so many find big data such a struggle.

Really? The rest of the article goes through how Zions hit the wall with SIEM and needed to use Hadoop and associated technologies to meet his needs. It’s a good read and they make a number of very good points. The article even quotes Adrian, but we shouldn’t hold that against them. Our pal Alex Hutton weighs in a bit as well.

“His advice? Do your homework before rushing in. Take all the necessary time to flesh out a detailed road map for the data you’re looking to process, carefully review how Hadoop will behave with the rest of your network, and develop a clear taxonomy model and strict metrics for it to follow.”

That’s the rub. Most practitioners have neither the time or inclination to do the homework, structure the security program, and do things right. It’s all about instant gratification – which is why it’s much easier to get companies to install a magic box (which isn’t really magic) than it is to get them to change process and embrace foundation technology. This is an irritating truth at far too many organizations. But it is what it is. Zions has done a great job of building their security program on analytics, but that doesn’t mean it will be easy for other companies to do likewise.