Levelling up in the real world.

When you are looking out for the welfare of your organization instead of focusing on what you can get for yourself, that’s when you’ll be given the chance to do more and own more.

Wendy provides some hard-earned career guidance on promotions. She presents a great list on what won’t get you promoted and what you shouldn’t do. Wendy talks about the hazards of being irreplaceable, but ultimately gets back to the real secret. It’s not about you. Yeah, it’s about karma, if you believe in that kind of stuff. Do the right thing for your organization without worrying much about how it will impact your pay or title, and good things will happen. Maybe not within that specific organization, as sometimes you’ll need to switch horses if there is nowhere to move. But the point is the same. Work consistently. Stop climbing over people on your way to the top. The big jobs can be overrated. But ultimately it’s about doing the right stuff, consistently. I talked about that in yesterday’s Incite.

But I will mention one key aspect of career planning. Be careful what you wish for. Don’t be ashamed if your boss’s job is not interesting to you. That’s okay. What’s not okay is to accept a promotion or added responsibility that will make you unhappy. You’ll suck at the new job. You will become the problem. You’ll be moved out. That’s the anti-promotion. So if you like what you do, then do that. Live your life without regret.